Sumatra Kerinci Highlands Bulk

Flavor Profile: Anise, Ginger, Guava, Pineapple

Roast Level: Medium

Processing Method: Honey Processed

Region: Mount Kerinci

Producer: Various Smallholders

Elevation: 1200 - 1500 MASL

Variety: Andung Sari, Tim-Tim, Bor-Bor, Sigara Utang, P88

Notes: A long time ago, the team at Canyon Coffee Roasters tasted the perfect coffee from the Kerinci Highlands. There have been many excellent coffees and company favorites come out of Sumatra since (we're always enjoying and serving at least one), but none have topped that caffeinated gem from yesteryear... until now.

The farmers of the Kerinci Valley, surrounded by Seblat National Park, primarily rely on agriculture for their family income. The dedicated professionals at Santiang Exports create long-term relationships with these farmers to develop sustainable practices and links to foreign markets. The rich soil on the slopes of the highest active volcano in Southeast Asia is perfect for these relationships, and coffees, to thrive.

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