Colombia La Sirena Bulk - Voyager #8


Voyager Series #8

Flavor Profile: Passion Fruit, Lime, Guava

Roast Level: Light

Processing Method: Passion Fruit Osmotic Dehydration

Region: Quindío

Producer: Juan David Puerta

Elevation: 1420 MASL

Variety: Castillo

Notes: La Sirena is located in Armenia, Quindio, and is owned by Juan David Puerta, a renowned food engineer pushing the boundaries of coffee science. Osmotic Dehydration is a processing method in which the coffee cherry is fermented with or without the skin at least once in sealed tanks. A passion fruit osmotic dehydration uses a mixture of passion fruit and granadilla as a medium during the final sealed phase, allowing the raw coffee beans to take on some of the flavor of the fruit. This yields a cup exploding with fruit flavor, best tried as a pour over.

Grind Size:Whole Bean

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