Self Care Gift Box


Escape the everyday grind with the Self Care Gift Box. Shake off stress and give yourself the break you deserve--it's time to get away! Includes three 12oz bags of specialty Canyon Coffee Roasters coffee roast light, medium, and dark -- Ethiopia Edido, Guatemala Lake Atitlan, and Mocha Java Blend (Holiday Blend) -- and one 16oz speckled green steel rim camp mug.


Ethiopia Edido

Flavor Profile: Mixed Berry, Chocolate, Rhubarb

Roast Level: Light

Processing Method: Natural

Region: SNNPR

Producer: Various Smallholders

Elevation: 1950 - 2100 MASL

Variety: Heirloom

Notes: Ripe cherries are delivered to the Wonberta’s Edido washing station where coffees are sorted and dried on raised beds. In order to promote even drying, the coffees are turned every 2 to 3 hours in the first few days, then regularly for up to six weeks until the coffee is fully dried.


Guatemala Lake Atitlan

Flavor Profile: Cinnamon, Almond, Cocoa

Roast Level: Medium

Processing Method: Fully Washed

Region: Lake Atitlan

Producer: Small Farm Holders

Elevation: 1500 - 1700 MASL

Variety: Catuai, Typica, Bourbon

Notes: Nestled between the San Pedro, Atitlan, and Toliman volcanos is a thriving coffee growing ecosystem with rich volcanic soil and constant irrigation from Lake Atitlan. There, many small farmers produce some of the best coffees Guatemala has to offer, exhibiting their passion for high-quality farming practices.


Mocha Java Blend (Holiday Blend)

Flavor Profile: Vanilla, Rum, Dried Fruit

Roast Level: Medium Dark

Processing Method: Varied

Region: Varied

Producer: Varied

Elevation: Varied

Variety: Varied

Notes: Mocha Java Blend is a modern recreation of a classic coffee blend comprised of coffee from the port of Mocha in Yemen and coffee from the island of Java in Indonesia. Two rich single-origin beans from Ethiopia and Sumatra are blended to create a complex coffee with notes of fruit, vanilla, and fresh herbs.


Grind Size:Whole Bean

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