Papua New Guinea Henganofi - Voyager #7


Voyager Series #7

Flavor Profile: Bergamot, Black Tea, Anise

Roast Level: Medium Light

Processing Method: Washed

Region: Henganofi

Producer: Moanti Ise

Elevation: 1750 MASL

Variety: Arusha, K7, Caturra

Notes: Moanti Ise and a carefully selected network of regional small farm holders from the Henganofi region of Papua New Guinea came together to create this full-bodied coffee featuring notes of bergamot, black tea, and anise. This coffee is milled at the Goroka dry mill, located in a region of Papua New Guinea known for producing well-balanced, quality coffees with deeply rich spice and herbal notes.

Grind Size:Whole Bean
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